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The amazing technology cell phones have these days is surprisingly growing and developing.

Cell phones started out as an idea for a mobile phone that can be used from a car, within a given range. This was happening back in 1947. Since then, their purpose was achieved and greatly exceeded.

The name comes from the word cellular combined with the normally used word, phone. Cellular because their whole technology is based on cells of signal. Each cell has as a centre a transmitter that assures the mobility and the great range, almost worldwide, of mobile phones. These transmitters are placed in such a way so that they can form a network with absolutely no uncovered spaces. Not all portions have been covered, but the civilized and populated locations all have mobile phone operators and coverage.

Nowadays, mobile phones try to include as many technological areas as possible. There is no cell phone out there that is only a cell phone. From watching TV to playing games, taking pictures and making movies, from real music to color display, they have it all. Some phones even have Windows from mobile on them, just like PCs. Others can actually compete with game consoles like Nintendo because they are kind of a miniature game console themselves.

The extreme competition out there makes developers want to achieve more and more with their phones. Japan has always been a pioneer in the cell phone industry, they had TV and camera phones long before they appeared in America and Europe. Japanese manufactures and worldwide producers try every day to come up with new things for a cell phone, following a fixed goal: the perfect phone that can stand for all multimedia and communication devices out here, a phone that combines everything from communication to utility and work.

So, in the near future the cell phone might offer us a great surprise. Who knows, they may try and develop some kind of holographic graphics. No matter what the next step is, the industry is certainly improving every minute, even as we speak and cell phones have a bright future ahead of them.

Learning the cell phone or wireless business just takes the first initial drive and good prepaid carriers which there is a nationwide demand for. Picking the most competitive in coverage and pricing always pays off in this business. It is best to concentrate on nationally recognized prepaid brands which are not Mvno's. Mvno's do not own the towers they are using and their contract can be pulled by the nationally recognized brand they operate off. Brands such as Tracfone and other mvno's tend not to have stability when investing your time and money because their rules and circumstances seem to change by the month for dealers which causes confusion and loss of revenue. Mvno's are not a good idea to base your prepaid wireless business off of when planning for longevity and steady growth in the prepaid wireless dealer business. In other words, try to stay away from prepaid mvno's if you want to be profitable and stay in business for any length of time. If you can deal Boost, Verizon prepaid, or Tmobile then you have a stable base or foundation of a support, well marketed, and nationally recognized brand to grow your business from.


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